Thabo Mbeki Biography

Thabo Mbeki was born on June 18th 1942.  He is the child of Govan and Epainette Mbeki.  Thabo’s parents were part of the political world so he never had it as hard as other blacks did.  (This affected the way he treated people during his presidency.)  When Thabo became a teen, he became a member of the Youth League.


Thabo was then elected as secretary of the African Students Association (ASA).  When the ASA collapsed, the government arrested some of the members.  Thabo was lucky, but his father wasn’t so lucky.  Thabo wanting to keep the ANC alive in other countries, went to Botswana in 1973-1974, but didn’t have much luck.  He had better luck in Swaziland, Nigeria and Lesotho.  Thabo became the ANC representative in Swaziland and Nigeria.  In 1997 Thabo was elected president of the ANC (1999-2008).


When Nelson Mandela was elected president, he hand picked Thabo to become the vice-president.  When Mandela retired, Thabo became president in 1999.  During Thabo’s presidency, the world and S.A questioned him.  He wasn’t too outgoing like Mandela.  He wasn’t educated about AIDS, but he  was S.A’s new president and the people had yet to get used to his ways.  After being in office for nine years, the ANC asked him to resign.